Motor cuts out when i pedal and throttle at the same time


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Hi can anyone help me ,i have a sw900 display on a 1500w 52v ebike , if i pedal and use the throttle at the same time the motor cuts out ,it also so does it when i throttle and pedal, i have activated both pas and throttle at the same time in the settings ,any help thx steven
I will bet that the Amps is set too high.
P14 Controller Current Limit
1-20 Amps, some versions of sw900/controller allow higher values.
Sets the current (amp) limit of your controller. Setting this value to something higher than your controller or motor can handle may cause damage!
what do recommend ,it goes up to 50, 12 is standard
Well If it is now set at 12, that is highly unlikely to be the cause of the shutdown. In my opinion about 17 is nice. You will not blow things up but have plenty of power. This is beginning to sound like a controller problem. Given that you can ghost pedal (that is pedaling very slowly with the bike going very fast) do you even need the thumb throttle? What if you just disconnect it? Conflict solved. I hope others jump in with alternatives.