Motor cable replacement/looking to buy 48v , 500watts Bh/Easy motion ebike rear wheel


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I duoubt that anyone on this site has attempted a motor cable replacement specifically for a BH ebike, but if so does anybody know how to dissasamble the motor ? I'm halfway through almost , i may hav to wait until Monday when i can reach my contact in Spain @ BH headquarters for an instructional vid.
The new Higo 9 pin cable i had obtained it already.

Thankfully it happened after 18.000miles, it is an issue , i think for all ebikes that don't have Torque Arm . If the wheel is not properly seated in the axle then once you ride the ebike , the cable will pull .

Btw., For anybody that wants to do this , this cable install is pretty straightforward ( as long as you have the instructions on how to take the hub apart) , it doesn't take long is probably an 1, 2hour job so basically you just need a new cable and then to have a few tools: scissors tape , string cord to pull cable, solder gun, etc and some WD-40 or electrician lubricant.
The cable is 10-25$.

Also , i'm looking to BUY A Used/New 48V BH EBIKE. Lmk if you guys want to sell.

In the meantime , i do like the offers from Sondors😉, the Rockstar specifically , an absolute bargain at only 3.5k. The Lx is great as well !
Problem fixed !!

Parts cost: 10.99$(new motor cable(
Savings : 500$(a new reliable 1kw motor)


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