Motiv Stash

Tara D.

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Huge style points with me I love the all black matte finish! Also for $99 extra you get a rear rack, fenders, tail light, and integrated headlight. Pretty good deal here! The Motiv Stash is a comfortable folding electric bike with a basic suspension fork and larger diameter tires that help to dissipate bumps and cracks. Solid 350 watt internally geared hub motor from 8Fun paired with a 36 volt 9 amp hour battery Lithium-ion battery pack from Samsung. You get pedal assist and throttle mode with this ebike and you can turn pedal assist completely off or override it with the throttle. Nice aesthetic with matte black frame, black motor, spokes and rims and a battery that is protected and concealed in the main tube.
Good review. You can both hear and 'feel' how pleased Court is with this folder.

One suggestion I made to Court: Including 'package dimensions' with these folder reviews. Two settings where I see much interest in (and also use of) folders are airplane drivers and boaters, both of whom are trying to solve that 'last mile' issue from marina or airport to the local hardware store/shop/whatever. The need for dims isn't just to help determine how much space is taken up but more importantly to determine initial access altogether. A cockpit locker or passenger door is only so big, no matter how much interior volume might exist.

Good review.