long winters sure get the brain cells going

Wow! That's an awesome little vehicle. Almost like an electric horse or something... just pulls the guy along through anything! It would be a lot of fun just cruising around and blasting through snow banks. Was surprised it could push an entire car and the snow blade on the front makes a lot of sense.

The stand up skateboard thing they show around 1:50 is really cool as well. This thing is just like a big modular motor and it looks like it even doubles as a battery for running power tools!

Recently I watched a documentary called Happy People which was about people living in the Tiaga in Russia making a living off the land and doing trapping in the wilderness. They made their own skis, traps and cabin houses but did rely on a couple of modern tools including snowmobiles. I think this contraption would be even more useful and they could probably charge it with solar panels.

Did a quick search and found a few neat articles about Yvon Martel and his multi-purpose all-terrain tracked electric vehicle. It's called the MTT-136 treaded electric sled, check these out:
Even after a bit of searching I was not able to find an official website or price for this thing? How did you discover it and do you know how much it goes for Brambor?
I forgot how I found it. easy come easy go... or I'm going senile ;-)

It's fairly new. In the last 5 days the comments on the youtube are full of people tripping over themselves with interest. Great invention. Based on the topography where the video was shot it must have been somewhere on the northern shore of St.Lawrence. Reminded me of the land around Harve St.Piere but it could be anywhere in Quebec.

The guy probably doesn't speak much english, but someone was able to make a video and upload it to you tube for him. Great invention.

I'm a big fan of the movie Happy People. Astonishing to see him make boards for the skis right out of the tree. just amazing.
I did a quick read of some french media coverage and it apears the unit has been manufactured in Chicoutimi. That's about half way towards Harve St. Piere althought you need to take a left at Saguenay (great whale watching region).