Lectric Trike Size


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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to electric bikes in general and for various reasons, am attracted to the idea of a trike. Am looking at the Lectric, mostly because it the least expensive I could find, and I wanted to dip my toes in before throwing a lot of money at this. My question: I'm 6'0" tall, and on the video reviews of the Lectric I've seen the riders look a bit hunched, as if the trike might be too small. Any taller Lectric Trike riders want to chime in on this? Or any other thoughts about the trike? Thanks!
Consider swapping out the stock seatpost with a longer seatpost, you'll need to verify the width and length with Lectric before you buy then go with a longer replacement. The stock seatpost appears to be the pillar type with a clamp mount for the saddle. Depending on what kind of seatpost buy you may also need to buy an alternative clamp mount for the saddle. You may also like to join the Lectric Trike Riders Facebook group and ask your question from existing owners.
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Thanks, Dewey, for the good advice. Asking the Facebook group is a great idea. Much appreciated.