I have to admit - I almost backed out of buying an ebike after joining EBR - glad I didn't

You are 100% right, but most folks simply don't dare to start. That includes DIY videos on plumbing, how to install patio doors, maintenance on wankel engines, etc.

To assume that ANYONE can "mail order" their first ebike and assume rainbows and unicorns forever is just wrong.

The point I was trying to make is that there is more downfall for a newbie to DIY on their first ebike (which may also be their first bike). They are often left in the dust, alienated by their LBS, and then sell their ebike to me for scrap (that I repair and generously re-flip).
We're agreed that some don't start. There are some that are extremely qualified for instance (w/engineering degrees for example), but for whatever reason, they'd rather not mess with it and take their bikes to a LBS. I get that.

My point is, that for every person like that, there are 25 more willing to commit to giving it a try. Of those 25, most will be successful, and they enjoy the fruits of that effort immensely, knowing they did it! You can't put a price on that kind of satisfaction....
Also Ebikes ,at least in my neck of the woods, are still quite scarce which means LBS's are also quite scarce. In my case there is exactly one within 200 miles of where I live. On top of that when I discovered them the spring of 2020 (before then I didn't even know they existed) that one bike shop was closed due to covid.
And 99% of folks that "mail order" their ebike aren't bike wrenches. They don't even know how to swap inner tubes.
I'm sure you have a reliable source for that?? You wouldn't be just tossing ridiculous numbers at us here, would you?

Or . . . . maybe I'm truly a one percenter for once in my life??