Hitch bike rack - Gazelle Ultimate C8/C380

We recently bought our first e-bikes, an Ultimate C380 and Arroyo C5. In searching for bike racks that were rated for use on travel trailers and could carry two roughly 50 pound bikes, I decided on the 1UP Super Duty Double. My trailer hitch on both the trailer and my SUV are fairly high, and we're both short, so I added the long ramp to my order. I also got one Fat Tire Adaptor Kit, and mounted one to each bike rack where the rear tire would be. This accommodates the fender stays. I got the foam cushion, which works okay on the C380's aluminum fender, but deformed the C5's plastic fender. But once I added the fat tire kit, the wider aluminum tire clamp is able to slip between the fender and the tire, securely locking the bike in place.

It took a while of back and forth, and I could have saved some money if I knew up front what would work. I originally ordered the short ramp, and had to swap that for the long version. I originally ordered the matching four wheel locks, but then after later adding the fat tire kit, I had to add longer skewers for the locks. And then I added the EZ Pull handle and license plate relocation kit with lights.

The photos below were before I figured how to put the tire clamp under the C5's fender, so you'll see that U tried using a piece of split pool noodle underneath for support. That didn't really help. Going under the fender doesn't work on the C380 due to the much lower fender stay position.

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Do you have any photos of the Gazelle on the rack with the fat tire kit?
Do you have any photos of the Gazelle on the rack with the fat tire kit?
I happened to have taken the attached for someone else just a couple of weeks ago. I hope this helps.


Thanks so much! It's that second under-the-fender photo I was interested in. I have a Super C motorhome and I'm having a heck of a time finding a rack to use. The 1Up was one of the very few that would work, but that flimsy Gazelle rear fender was really problematic, and we have two of the Arroyo C5s. It looks to me like it will work just fine. Thanks again for your really fast reply - that was very considerate of you.
You're very welcome. I'm glad that my trial and errors could help someone else avoid these steps. With the current setup, the C5 is actually more secure than the C380! I also use Velcro straps around all four tires as a belt and suspenders approach to keeping them on the rack. Someone had mentioned on another forum that if the tires lose air, the 1UP loses its grip. I also use four of the locks that go through the rack and through the wheel as a tertiary security method of keeping the bikes on the rack.