Himiway Cruiser looks very nearly like Rad Rover 5, except larger battery

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Same 750 watt power of motor at 80 NM. Same Kenda tires. But 2 year warranty and 17.4 AH battery.

Looks like a nicer, more modern display.

I like their battery mount and slimmer casing profile.

Showroom/HQ in Kansas, and Warehouse in CA. (wow a semi-midwestern ebike company. thats rare.)
Kyle at Boltonbikes.com states that the stock Rad Rover motor is not a "true" 750 watts and he actually sells what he says is a "true" 750 watt replacement Bafang motor. (I believe him.) CitizenCycle.com did a video where he actually purchased a supposedly "true" 750 watt Bafang and it appears that he has proved Kyle's statement to be correct. I am now hoping that the Himiway ebike I recently ordered comes with a "true" 750W motor. It is not a Bafang, it's made by Luanxing.
I do believe the Himiway is the narrower 750w motor. Smaller controller and battery. so what?
Rather than get carried away, enjoy the heck out of it!

Kyle ALSO spent an additional $1k+ on his parts (not counting labor).