Hello from Washington state My name is Triumph and I am new to ebikes.

Ok thanks I am 75 years old and the ebike thing looks pretty good at this age . I have a Damson R7 and it is very heavy and well built. My wife could not get on it so I bought her an Ehora Azaria step thru. We are just learning to ride them and how they work. Having some problem with the Azaria and working with the seller. I will post some pictures if I can figure out how to do it. Hope I did this correctly.

Welcome to the forum.
Nice looking bikes. Thanks to PedaUma.
Hope you sort out your problems and get riding soon.
Never been on one of these sites before and not sure how to proceed
Welcome aboard! I've found this a very helpful and enjoyable place with lots of interesting people, many in your age bracket. I'm 74.

The forum search function's pretty effective, so when you have a question, see what you can dig up. Even if that doesn't answer your question directly, it will often help you frame the question and bring you to the most pertinent threads. Then ask away!