Hello from Minnesnowta


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Long time EBR lurker, cycling hound and graphic designer đź‘‹

I watch and read more ebike reviews than I care to admit and am on the hunt for my next dream ride. It's an enjoyable but sometimes head-spinning timesuck/hobby. Not knowing as much as I'd like about bike maintenance and building in general, I signed up for mechanic school at UBI to train and start a new side-hustle, but Covid, a broken shoulder (Radmini crash) and subsequent back issues put a wrench in the plan.

Currently I own a 2016 Trek Fx 7.3 and 2019 Radmini which I love, plus a 2023 Aventon Level.2 ST which I'm trying to sell.

Looking forward to contributing to the forums and hopefully getting some advice on a new ride!

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