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United Kingdom
Having enjoyed road bikes for several years, I was "encouraged" by my family to give road cycling up after a serious accident in Mallorca. I was 71 years old and they didn't think my body would stand another spell in the ICU. I hacked around on my hybrid for a couple of years, slowly increasing the miles, but I could never regain the strength and stamina I had before the accident. So a couple of months ago, at the age of 75, I took delivery of a Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 and it has expanded my riding horizon once more. I'm now up to rides of over 40 miles and, if starting from home, able to get out into the countryside again. My only criticism is that the bike seems a little low geared: I've never used the bottom three sprockets on the cassette. However, I'm taking a holiday in Devon and Cornwall later this year and may face a few hills of 15-20%, so I expect I'll be glad of them then. Incidentally, I ordered my bike in November last year together with the same model for my wife. Unfortunately, we both had Covid-19 when the bikes came into the store in January, so we decided to postpone taking delivery until the next shipment. That shipment slipped twice and my wife is still waiting for her bike (Size Small). So if you want one and can find one, grab it while you can!

Finally, what's the general view on transporting an e-bike on a car? The Vado SL 4.0 is fairly light and I can lift it on and off my roof rack (which is as far as I've got; I haven't actually driven with it on the roof), but I'm a bit worried about driving at speed in rain.