Hello from Borger, Texas!

Not So Fast!

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Hi everyone, thought I'd join and see what's going on. Not too many ebikes around here. Down in Amarillo (50 miles south) you'll see a few but no official ebike stores.

I bought a Lectric trike last year for the wife but she never rides it. I've put 220 miles on so far just riding it around the neighborhood. A little slow, speed is supposed to be capped at 14 mph but max I've see on the flat is 13.6 mph and I've checked it against a GPS. I' once rode it to the next town over 10 miles away. There's some pretty good hills between, only had to use peddle assist going up the biggest on the way back. Not too bad for a 20 mile round trip. Oh, and I like the cruise control on it!