Has anyone ordered a Daymak Chameleon?

My wishes for the next generation Chameleon's is:
Battery mat covers that stay in place.
Turn signals that are easy to turn on and off.
A speedometer that measures the true speed the scooter is going and does not top out @ 35 KPH
Bike pedals where you can actually pedal for short distances (not the little 2.5 inch one they use now)
I've been interested in this bike. For $2K on Indiegogo you get a 2kwh 84v Li battery and 500W motor, and it qualifies as a bicycle, so you can use bike lanes or go up to 37mph on the street. Seems like a near-perfect urban vehicle to me.
I took a test ride on a GenZe 2.0 (3K$), and found that the riding position was horrible - monkey-bars up at shoulder height, and no adjustment possible.
have ordered still waiting for delivery , paid $1199 for 60 volt cameleon from HSN
Yes, when my lead cells die, I agree lithium will be the best. Being new to electric scooters i wanted to not break the bank until sure i was happy with the idea. Yes, US Walmart carries several Daymak scooters but not the Eagle it seems. And the term ebike is just misleading when applied to a machine like the Eagle or Chameleon, these are low power motorcycles. Here in Ontario, if a cop clocks you at >32 kph, you are legally going faster than the definition of ebike and are thus in need of license, registration and insurance. Both my car and my scooter can do double their respective speed limits, lol.
I live in Markham ont will be very happy if i can get my chameleon to go 56 kph when it arrives