Hallo! Casual rider, from Mid-Atlantic North America.


Continuum Onyx Cytronex e-Mod, R&M Nevo Automatiq
I’d like to say thanks for these forums. They’ve been absurdly helpful in my quest for the next ride.

I’m an illustrator living in the hills around the Potomac River. My partner and I returned to bikes during the start of the pandemic, after decades of never riding. And then last year decided to go electric.

We modified our existing bikes with C1 kits from Cytronex, and can’t say enough about how cool that is. Also, how great Cytronex CS was during purchase. 23-second email response time on one memorable occasion. 8 lb total added weight. No great range but fine.

My partner’s donor bike is a Giant Alight 2 DD and mine a Priority Continuum Onyx I picked up second hand, and now we’ve got just enough boost to give us help climbing from our side of town to the other.

Currently on the hunt for a solid, integrated errand runner, with the Enviolo Automatiq system. Leaning Evelo or R&M.

Here’s the C1-modded Onyx (battery not mounted, but it’s a 198wH bottle). Ergon grips, Brooks flyer saddle, and not shown but new: a ShockStop +30 stem, as our roads can suck and there’s a new metro line being dug, so they’re worse for the next few years. That hub closeup shows Cytronex’s little sprocket cadence sensor on the belt stay.



The sprocket sensor:

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