Haibike Xduro Trekking S Rx - Bosch Speed commuter bike - $1670 w/LOTS of upgrades

Ravi Kempaiah

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I am moving to Canada for an exciting career opportunity and hence I am downsizing my stable of 5 bikes. I am selling my beloved Haibike Xduro Trekking S Rx with the Bosch performance speed motor decked out with so many upgrades. Here are the details...

The bike is maintained in superb condition. Price is firm because I have taken care of this bike extremely well. I might as well take it Canada if I don't sell.
  • Odo at 4770 miles. Runs like new because of the meticulous maintenance and bike was always stored inside. No sign of rust or any damage. Should easily last another 15,000+ miles with proper care.
  • Size is 52cm frame. Perfect for someone who is 5ft 10" to 6ft 1". I am 6ft and this is perfect for me. If you are not within range, I am sorry.
  • The bike currently has 500Whr battery + the stock 400whr battery it came with. Both are maintained extremely well. I keep an extra charger at office and both batteries put out 90-95% of the original capacity (30 miles on 500whr battery at 20+ mph avg speed, 25 miles on 400whr at 20+ mph avg speed.)
  • Magura MT4 brakes were bled every 1500 miles. The recent bleeding was done at 4500 miles and brake pads replaced. They have a lot of bite to them.
  • Wheels, hubs, drive train cleaned regularly and trued every 3 months. The wheels are tubeless ready. A new cassette was installed at 4500 miles and should last another 2500 miles. The bike itself is clean, peppy and gets upto 25mph easily with moderate effort but maintaining 28mph on a Bosch bike takes more effort.
Upgrades : ($~560 total)
  1. Light and motion 800 NIP light w/ Bosch mount. Lot more powerful than the stock headlight. Puts out 800 lumens and is perfect for night riding.
    ($100 value). https://www.lightandmotion.com/shop/bike-lights/lights-for-e-bikes/nip-800/

  2. Crankbrothers 5050 pedals: https://www.amazon.com/Crank-Brothers-5050-Bicycle-Pedals/dp/B005DZNCGG
    ($50 value).

  3. BodyFloat suspension seatpost with black springs. ($200 value).

  4. Ergon Gp1 grips: https://www.amazon.com/Ergon-42410005-GP1-Grips-Large/dp/B00P49WLYK/
    ($25 value)

  5. KMC e10 EPT - ebike specific chain replaced at 4500 miles. https://store.kmcchain.us/p/e10-ept
    ($50 value)

  6. Big Ben 28x2 tire upfront for better handling and grip. ($30 value). I will also give you the stock Schwalbe energizer pro tires that have a lot of life left in them.

  7. ABUS 6050 folding lock. Lightweight and secure. ($100 value) (https://www.abus.com/eng/Mobile-Sec...-Security/Locks/Folding-locks/BORDO-Lite-6050)

  8. Mirryclce mirror ($10).
The bike retailed for $3200 in 2017. On top of that you get $560 worth of upgrades for free.

Price including all of the upgrades + 500whr powerpack = $1670.
Add the stock 400whr powerpack for a total of 900whr = $1870. I will throw in the winter neoprene sleeve for free ($50). I will deliver the bike free within 200 mile radius of Chicago.

I have the Brooks saddle and I would like to keep that. if you don't like any of the upgrades, we can discuss on that. Here are some pics.

Xduro Trekking S Rx..jpg

Ravi's Trekking S Rx Commuter.jpg
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Ravi: Sorry to see you are leaving the US but happy to know that there is a great opportunity that awaits you, I wish you nothing but the best. I hope that as you settle into your new country and job, that you continue to provide your expert guidance and commentary here. You have too much good to offer us!

Best of luck with the sale. That is an outstanding bike; set up with the best componetry. And with those two batteries and the right power applications, somebody has a near 100 mile capable ebike on their hands. I envy the person who is going to wind up with your bike!

Best Regards,
Surprised this is still available, a really good bike for the price of one of much lesser quality and componentry.

Good luck with your move Ravi, success at your new dream job and say hi to the trailer park boys!
@Mike TowpathTraveler and @JRA ,
Thank you for your kind words.
As my favorite Zen saying goes..." we are all walking each other home..."

I will be in the US for a few more months. Just planning ahead so I don't have to rush to sell my bikes at the last minute.

@reinhardtius bought the bike yesterday. I am shipping it in the new few days. He is a scientist working on fisheries and ecology. He is a passionate about sustainability just like all of us and I am glad my bike is reaching someone who will make use of it properly.

@Angela M. , please allow a week or two before you can close this thread. Thank you.