The multi speed assist system makes this bike pretty unique right now.
"Multi Speed Assist System
The first E-Bike motor with a 2-gear unit. A world first, this stroke of genius massively broadens the total gear ratio, creating the highest possible torque on the back wheel. This results in climbing capabilities that add an entirely new dimension to an ambitious E-Biker’s scope. You can easily switch between the two gears of the Multi Speed Assist System. There is no doubt about it – the drive and gearbox of this new component create a unique biking experience with uncompromising performance on almost limitless terrain."
JayVee i suggest you talk in the phone with Flyers people and get it in Europe nothing goes wrong with this type of bicycle longest you oil it and keep inside except for the battery that will last for a while and then because the bike is perfect you will want to buy one and there is were the problems begin. They are Lithium and the laws in the state are no very friendly so no merchant in Europe will want to ship it. So talk with them about this first. I recommend hardly.
I am going Flyer because with Kalkhoff you don't get a american style customer service. In other words "They always right".
Always remember bicycle dealers are all the same all over the world. Dealers.
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