Faraday Shutting Down


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"Hello members, It is true that we have no plans to make any more of our current models. It's important to note that our service team has plenty of parts set aside to cover potential warranty or service issues now and moving forward. We'll also be selling the remaining bikes throughout 2019 if anyone wants to treasure one of the last Porteurs or Cortlands."

Unfortunate, they were kinda cool looking. Apparently they were acquired and not a profitable design, so they have been shelved. I suspect their proprietary, low-capacity battery was the big nail in the coffin.
The small battery limited range but did make for a lighter Ebike, and the Pedelec no throttle format is fine for those people who like to pedal, might keep the motor off some of the time, and just want a little assistance up hills. A UK based kit company, Cytronex, has a similarly small 180wh battery and front hub motor they put on lightweight Cannondale bikes or aluminum step through hybrid bikes by Bobbin.
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