Explore E+3, E+2, E+1 PRO range


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I am looking at buying either a Giant Explore E+3, an Explore E+2, or an Explore E+1 Pro.
I ride gravel roads and some pavement, rolling hills, with rides up to 60 miles long. I ride mostly in Econo mode. My question concerns RANGE and battery size/type.

For COST reasons I would like to get the the E+3, and it has an EnergyPak 500Wh battery ($3799cdn).
The E+2 has an "EnergyPak Smart" 500Wh ($4199cdn).
The E+1 Pro has an EnergyPak Smart 625 ($4999cdn)
- Would the E+3 with the Energy Pak 500Wh have enough power to do 60 miles of gravel & pavement riding?
- If not, would the E+2 or the E+1 PRO have enough battery power to do 60 miles of gravel & pavement riding?
I have a 2019 E3 but added the 500Wh battery, and here are my ranges:

eco+ = 120KM+
eco = 100KM+
normal = 90KM
Sport = 70KM
Sport + = 50 - 60KM

these estimates are non scientific, and it's prob on the conservative side.
It's a separate business, the bike came with the 400 version originally

Before the pandemic and kids, I used to ride to work almost daily, a 50km round trip. I was also planning to go ride some more after work, so that's why i biught a 2nd battery when I see one showed up to balance the wear and tears.

Now I am working from home full time and use my ebike to primarily drop off the kid to school and grocery shopping....

I hope the battery has a long lifespan, as I don't think I have the luxury to go on long ride for awhile with little ones at home lol