Enviolo NuVinci CVP Hub Overview

Thanks. I was more concerned about the internals, since like all gear hubs save the Shimano Nexus 5, the Enviolo predates mid-drive motors, and some users can be a bit rough.
Enviolo redesigned the Heavy Duty hubs in 2020 to take greater torque, my Cargo can take up to 100Nm, the Sportive up to 120Nm, they are stronger than the older NuVinci hubs. The Shimano Nexus Inter 5e can take up to approximately 70Nm.
I have two nuvinci problems and I am wondering if anyone has some ideas.

1. Nuvinci n380 with gates. I get full range on the hub, but the info graphic goes from steep hill to moderate hill only. It doesnt go flat. No biggie really, just curious.

2. Nuvinci n360 with gates on pegasus premio nu. The grip shifter has significantly more resistance than my n380. It's harder to turn and dial in the perfect cadence. Cable tension is set right with full range of shifting.

Any ideas?
Sorry I came across this post so late, but still wanted to share my similar experience. When I received my bike in Nov 2021, everything seemed to be working fine. A rattling noise initially diagnosed as crank problem by LBS, but they decided it was the enviolo (trekking model). They made "adjustments" and the noise disappeared, and so did half my shifting range. They also left too much slack in shifting cables which got mashed in the controller. After numerous videos, I was able to readjust to full range and install new cables. Everything seems to be working, but the graphic now goes from hill to Mt. Everest. My thought is that the jammed shifter wire through the two little gears inside the shifter out of sink. I'm pretty sure that this is the case since the shifter graphic was doing the same thing even without any cables attached. My thought is to live with it until I feel like springing $25 for a new controller.
Enviolo announce two new models for Business Cargo Bikes. According to the specs on their website, Extreme is supposed to be able to haul up to 300kg, Extreme Gearbox up to 500kg, both are rated for motor torque up to 100Nm, and both are solid axle designs.