Emotion Neo Cross vs Neo Carbon


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I have an opportunity to purchase a Neo (basic) Cross for $2500 or a very lightly used (~20mi basic) Carbon for $3500. I rode them both and thought the Carbon better looking and better component quality. but maybe i am being influenced by crafty marketing. I understand the differences between the two bikes what I am looking for is someone who has experience with one or both bikes to weigh in on if the Carbon is worth the extra grand.

Hi Brad,

Unless the more clean decal look of the Carbon is worth a grand to you…I would probably choose the Cross. Both are great bikes as BH is a great company that builds great bikes and backs them. I have asked them about toning down the decals to have more of a clean stroker look but not sure they will. I agree that the Carbon looks better, but you really can't go wrong with the Cross either. The Cross comes in 2 sizes (M 19" & L 21") whereas the Carbon is a Medium frame only….it also weighs 7-9 lbs less (if that is an issue to you). Of course the Carbon has a Carbon frame which is expensive, and a few other upgrades but I bout anything the average rider would really notice. Hope that helps. If you want to get another quote feel free to reach out [email protected]. Enjoy your Easy Motion…they are great bikes so I know you will not be disappointed. Cheers!