Electric Bike Sales Figures and Popularity by Price and Category?


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Don't have any idea what the best selling electric bike is in each pricepoint segment... For example, the under $1k bikes, $1k-2k bikes, and so on. I'm referring to American/Europe/AZ sales and not China domestic sales, which is doing around 3o million per year.. India is probably huge as well.

Anyone have an article or reference?

Found a general article on sales growth http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/...and-a-few-words-on-the-rise-of-electric-bikes

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Interesting article... Thanks for the share!

A couple of things stood out to me, when Ed said "I think electric bicycles are a very practical vehicle for a dense, flat city like New York City" where they are currently illegal... and when he said "for mountainous, or a place where you have a very large distance to go, they're not practical at all." obviously Ed hasn't spent a lot of time on the new centerdrive systems which gets the distance and climbing power. This comment felt a bit reckless and sensational to me ;)

Anyway! Electric bike sales numbers and popularity of models in each segment is probably something that local retailers have some idea of (but may depend on location and demographics of their customer base) and the big companies likely know for their own models but probably don't share. I can provide some insight from my own analytics for EBR but this is based on searches and engagement, not purchase.

Data provided for the three month period of January 1st through March 31st on the website ElectricBikeReview.com shows that the most popular reviews for the price ranges you called out are as follows:
Here are the most popular reviews overall regardless of price:
  1. Overall most popular electric bike: Specialized Turbo (likely due to their marketing reach and existing bicycle base at dealerships who would be talking about it or showing demos)
  2. Second most popular electric bike: Easy Motion Neo Cross
  3. Third most popular electric bike: IZIP E3 Dash
  4. Fourth most popular electric bike: Pedego City Commuter
  5. Fifth most popular electric bike: Pedego Interceptor
To be clear, this data is influenced by the recency of each review posting because the YouTube video goes up and attracts more visits. It's also influenced by how high up the review is featured in its respective category (older reviews get pushed out in the list). If we look at search terms instead of visits to each page we get a slightly different picture:
  1. Most popular electric bike search: Stromer ST2
  2. Second most popular ebike search: Volton
  3. Third most popular ebike search: BionX
  4. Fourth most popular ebike search: A2B Metro
  5. Fifth most popular ebike search: Electra Townie Go
This too is influenced by factors including the availability of said content on the site (Google won't send traffic for stuff I don't have) and what kinds of links already exist pointing to the site vs. what is fresh and unknown.

I hope this helps you out a bit Joe, or is at least interesting. I'd be interested in your thoughts and if you find any more information out there to share. I've heard from some of the main manufacturers in the US that LEVA is reporting sales numbers that seem higher than they would have estimated (based on their own sales). While the ebike space is growing in the US the Light Electric Vehicle Association may not have access to the raw data that the ebike makers do (but may not be not willing to share). Here are a couple of screenshots I took that show traffic growth in the EBR sites along with the countries that deliver those visits (all for the same 3 month period in 2014).

growth-in-electric-bike-interest.jpg interest-in-ebikes-by-country.jpg
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Nice work Court! The average visit duration time is one you should flaunt to potential advertising prospects! It's important that your hits are high but how long someone stays on a page (or entire site) is equally important.
Thanks James! I'm kind of taking the slow, steady and authentic route here. Every once in a while I'll reach out to a prospective sponsor and explain why I think they're a good fit for EBR (their bikes must have good reviews and they must offer good support to their customers). Usually they agree to try it out...

I've got a new product that's designed to help local shops that is free (or $15/mo to reach more local visitors). The idea is that this geo-targeted listing shows their shop with phone, address and a link so people who visit EBR from any town in the world will see the most relevant shops to visit. If you know of any shops that should join here's the link: https://electricbikereview.com/shop-directory/
Nice work Court! I was thinking that bicycle manufacturers report on monthly sales, like car manufacturers...... I'll keep looking.

I have trouble translating internet hits to actual sales... I mean how many hits does the F150 have compared to say, the TeslaS? And how does that compare to sales? It is the uniqueness and desirability that drives internet interest, regardless of price, imo.... Hard sales are driven, by price, reputation and distribution.
Hi guys I am looking for monthly bicycle sales in Western Europe (or any European country) in order to get a sense of the seasonality influencing the market. Anyone with something that might help ?