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Local e-Bike wants to sell me Easy Motion Neo Carbon for $2800. Is it a good deal?
I am getting 12Ahr battery and two chargers, it is a demo bike, 2013 model.
I really like the look off it but have concerns about rear hub motor it is only 350W. Anyway, let me know if you would buy this bike for that price. Thanks.
Local e-Bike wants to sell me Easy Motion Neo Carbon for $2800
I have a 2013 Carbon. The 12AH battery is an upgrade from the original battery which is nice. I think the asking price is too much, there are a lot of great bikes out there in the $2,000 to $3,000.00 range. I would keep looking.

Court J.
Having e-bike store few miles from home made it impossible for me to resist temptation to get bike I liked. I was able to get bike with two chargers and larger battery, out the door price was $2700. Bike is only 45 lbs and I am 147lbs so 12Ahr battery should give me good range, I hope.
Congratulations! Nice bike. I agree with Court J., at least. I'm 190 lb. and on dirt/gravel trails, with ~1600 ft of elevation gains, I've done 50 miles on the same battery with my Evo 29'er. You shouldn't have any problems with that lightweight bike, getting good range.

Have fun!