canister battery fitting


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The inside geometry of my Cannondale Bad Boy (size small) doesn't accomodate the canister battery... You can fit the battery and its mount in independently - the issue is just when you actually screw in the mount and have to pop the battery in.

The battery has to be angled in- similar to how you'd angle in a double A battery into an electronic device. First the bottom has to be seated in, then it gets angled down into places. The way the mount is built there's no way to come in from the side, you have to basically come in above the mount then go down.

I ended up fabricating a mount that attaches to my rack, but I'm not 100% happy with it and have been researching a new bike with a wider inside geometry.

Then I came across this video:
Given my description above of how the battery has to get put in place, I have no idea how there's leeway in this frame... I'm wondering if there's some workaround I'm missing?

Edit: For reference here's the Bad Boy:
FYI I ended up switching to a Jamis Coda Sport which had the right geometry to fit.