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hi guys got my 30.9 body float for my ridge rider. Looks great


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I have been using my body float on my Juiced bike for a week now
All I can say is wow what a deference it makes .
I was riding the other day on a tore up section of road and I could hear the bike chattering below me but did not feel it in my body
Hey BodyFloat users: I was just wondering how many miles you've put on your BodyFloat and whether you have had to perform any maintenance or have had any failures?

I have it on 3 bikes and my Riese and Muller has about 1,550 miles - most of those with the BF (black springs). Recently I thought I had developed a little bird squeak and I was going to try the maintenance they spell out in their owner's manual (take apart, clean bushings, apply a very small amount of clear lube). But now I'm not so sure. Today I went over the R&M, tightened up some nuts/bolts/removed my lock and tightened the mount etc. Then was unable to replicate the squeak - so maybe it wasn't the BF after all but some other part of the bike. Anyway, just was just wondering how many miles other users have put on their BFs and whether they have had to do any maintenance or have had any breakdowns.