BH eBike pedal assist problem


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A few months ago, my 2018 BH Easy Motion Evo Cross Pro developed a problem with pedal assist. At first the problem was erratic but soon, I had no pedal assist whatsoever. I am in the USA and because BH no longer does business here, I was unable to find an ebike shop to diagnose the problem. There is a long story here but I'll skip that story and get to my point. It seemed like a torque sensor problem because the throttle control worked perfectly in providiing power. It took me months to locate a new torque sensor. Finally, I obtained one and I was about to install the new torque sensor and decided to take a pre-repair test ride. To my amazement, the problem had disappeared. The ebike pedal assist worked pefectly. My theory is this: the day before my pre-repair ride, I had removed the battery and left it uninstalled overnight. I reinstalled it just before my test ride. I believe I may have inadvertently "rebooted" my controller and forced a reset of the controller. I do not know this as a fact but later, I did find a blog where a BH eBike owner had a similar experience. I have now ridden the bike without a problem for about 50 miles and so far so good. I thought this story was worth sharing with other ebike enthusiasts, especially those BH eBikes owners who live in the USA who may have problem finding a BH service shop.
Update on the Oct 4 entry. I have now ridden several hundred miles since my October 4th entry. Several times my pedal assist did not seem quite "normal" either assiting a a bit too much or too little. In each instance, charging the battery to 100% then leaving the battery uninstalled overnight resolved the problem and the assist functioned like factory new! I relayed this story to a couple of ebike shops and they had never heard of a similar situation. Don't know why it works and.... I don't care. I'm ecstatic because my BH ebike is back in service!