Bafang M 620


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Help I'm at a loss. I've a Biktrix Juggernaught Ultra Dou, approximately 1000 miles on it. The other day it quit in the middle of a foraging trip to town. There were no error codes on the display. Battery showed 85%, sunny day around 50 degrees. I've sent the motor back to Biktrix, checks out fine. They sent new speed sensor, shift sensor and a new umbilical cord. I've changed out the parts. Still no go. What bothers me is no error code showing on display. Biktrix told me no error codes is a problem but will not impede the functioning of bike. The throttle control has not been changed out. What I can't wrap my head around is no error code. Why do they even put it on the bike? Why include it if it's not going to help me diagnose the failure? I've a multimeter but the prongs are to large to fit the small fine connectors. Is there a hard reset for the bike?