Aventon Level.2 versus Ride1Up LMT'D


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I've narrowed my decision between the Aventon Level.2 and Ride1Up LMT'D, and I can't decide between these two torque-sensor bikes. They come out to about the same price after adding some of the components (fenders, rack, lights) that the LMT'D is missing.
Aventon seems to be the bigger name, better customer service, and has a presence in bike shops, and the Level.2 seems to have better fit-and-finish.
The Ride1Up looks much better IMO, seems to have better performance specs, and has a better upright seating position.

Does anyone have experience with these bikes? My wife and I are looking to buy our first ebikes and I'm looking for some wisdom from experienced riders.
You (we) are up late. If you're in the Corvallis area, Corvallis Ebikes carries Aventon and has a working relationship with Ride1Up. Great shop and Jeff can be a reliable source of info on the two brands/bikes.

I have a couple of Ride1Up's single speeds and they have been good to deal with. I like the bikes.
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I own two Aventon Level Step Thru's. Not the torque sensing.

You are going to be pleased with either bike, and yes they are really close in specs and performance.
I recommend the Ride1Up as it has a front air shock with more travel. The Level has a coil spring with less travel. You will want as as much road bump absorption as possible.
I recommend the Ride1Up because they advertise a Lishui Controller which is easily obtainable on the open market and is programmable. Aventon does not readily divulge info about their controllers. I hit a stone wall when I asked a few technical questions about the controller and Battery BMS. They literally said they had the info, but would not divulge it to me, even though it was available on the web. I was not asking for proprietary info.
I recommend the Ride1Up as it appears that the controller has many more programmable parameters such as 9 levels of assistance (level has 5) , and other useful parameters which cannot be adjusted on the Aventon. You are going to like that. All of the adjustments can be made through the display. On the Aventon you must use the Aventon BlueTooth App to make some adjustments, but the parameters are limited and not as extensive as the Ride1Up.

I ended up modifying my wife's Level with a more programmable controller similar to the LMT'D's to give her a better riding experience.

That is all I have.
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You'll have to hunt around on the Ride1Up site for the manual for the display. Ride1Up's online support and documentation search is very good.