2022 Turbo Como 4.0 Brakes


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Purchased my 3rd Como in April got the 2022 model 4.0 Class 3 bike. My biggest disappointment of the bike is Specialized decision to go away from Shimano components to Sram in there brakes and shifters. The shifters are fine but the brakes ability to slow down this bike downhill at a high rate of speed was less then impressive. I ended up switching them out to a set of Shimano Saint 4 piston calipers and handles and upgraded the rotors also. Was a expensive upgrade but the difference is fantastic, I can stop the bike just with the rear on a steep downhill where as before had both brakes on and was hard to stop. My previous Como's all had Shimano brakes and shifters and never had a problem with stopping the bike and were always quiet. Sram Level brakes were extremely noisey especially hot and stopping ability was poor. So is there anyone else out there who has a 2022 model and not super happy with the brakes? With arthritis in my hands was hard to pull the Level levers to stop efficiently but not with the Shimano.
The brake pad material and the breaking in of the pads has a lot to do with the stopping power.
My Como5 and Vado5 are earlier yrs, I switched the rotors out for 203mm units when I first bought them. No regrets there and the brakes are great.