20 lb Ebike that can be lifted with 2 fingers..!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Vivax assist is 9.5kg ~ 20lb ebike that has seatpost drive train and it doesn't show any signs of motor or battery.

Pretty fantastic and it has a range of ~20 miles. Well, I feel that it is equivalent to 40 miles on a 40lb ebike.

More info here.

Are these realistic claims but? Where is the battery and can a battery that I guess is "that small" really delivery the claimed distances?

So they utilize a gear at the bottom of the seat post? not a bad idea if it works
Looks pretty sweet... I'll try to find one of these in the wild and sort out the details. It's amazing to think how integrated the drive system on ebikes could become in the future... More and more purpose built with integrated motors and batteries that don't even show. I'm mostly just impressed with this guy's finger strength :cool: