1. eaphoto1988

    1500km+ journey with R&M superdelite

    Hi all, it has been a long time since my trip has finished, but did not have the time to share anything here. Plus, editing a month worth of photos and a video taken more time than expected. Trip: Ferry from UK to Hook of Holland via Germany to Lithuania, Kedainiai. This was actually plan D...
  2. Nick D da Great

    Hello from DC! Don't worry, I'm not a politician.

    Just a fairly new to the ebike world. I recently purchased a Ride1Up700 series and have just under 100 miles on it. Contrary to the narrative, DC is actually rather hilly (not swampy!), so I've really enjoyed cruising up those hills and getting places faster than driving! I was able to do 20...
  3. B

    Looking for an ebike and definitely overwhelmed ><

    I've read so many of y'alls awesome posts and suggestions for other people, so I thought I would dip my toes in, too, and ask for advice. I'm a moped person, new to the ebike world. I'm interested in continuing to reduce reliance on my car, and love using my mopeds to get around, but...
  4. Lylerocks

    Helo all, thanks for having me

    Hello all, my name is lyle and I have a 1000w fat ebike rear axel drive. I just purchased the trailer I wanted but I knew it would not fit because my bike has a million attachments using up all my anchor points. So I am going to weld a seat post hitch and bar. This is why I am here. Well to be...
  5. C

    New CCX - Love it

    On Friday, I received my new CCX. At my first chance on saturday, I got to work on it. Out of the box the only issue I had was the rear fender was rubbing, but that didn't take too much to fix. The front wheel has an ever so slight wobble, but it is hardly noticeable at all. Everything seemed...
  6. twoesplease

    Radwagon with Burley trailer

    Hi all, I received my RadWagon yesterday and am ready to haul all the things! Has anyone successfully connected a Burley trailer to their RadWagon? I found this thread: but was...
  7. KidWok

    Ikea Sladda trailer for ST1

    FYI...The Sladda trailer at Ikea is $130 and will work with the ST1 rear axle with just a slight bit of filing to make the hole in the hitch bigger. I just took an old love seat to the dump today with it. Got a lot of laughs as it looked like I was pulling a rickshaw. Tai
  8. Berniejockjr

    Mounting a hitch to the RadRover for pet trailer or kids trailer

    This is how I attached my hitch to the RadRover. Link
  9. J

    Electric bike, child bike trailer and kickstand

    Hi, I just recently bought a Haibike Sduro trekking RC and I intend to use it with Thule Chariot 2 child bike trailer. The problem is that I can't figure out a way to fit a kickstand to my bike at the same time. Although I don't still know how much of a problem that would be, I would really...