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I just recently bought a Haibike Sduro trekking RC and I intend to use it with Thule Chariot 2 child bike trailer. The problem is that I can't figure out a way to fit a kickstand to my bike at the same time. Although I don't still know how much of a problem that would be, I would really like to find a solution.

The problem with the original kick stand fitted to near the rear hub is that it would interfere with the chariot attatchment system:


On the other hand Haibike sduro doesn't seem to allow fitting a middle mounted stand.

Does anyone know any solutions to this?
My experience with ebay kickstands was poor. I bought a side mount stand that clamped onto the downtube at a single point, but it would slip and turn, and could not be tightened w/o damaging the frame. I added a second clamp point, so it couldn't rotate. I later noted I could have bought one with the second clamp. I was happy with my modified stand til the aluminum leg broke from the weight of my 55 pound bike.

I think I would now buy a center mount stand, as these should be better for the heavier weight, but I would go to the bike shop to see what they had, so I knew it would fit first. In the meantime, I repaired the leg with steel bars. Ugly, but strong.
A 2 person bike trailer? is this single wheel or 2? Ihave a single wheel the mounts to the seat bar. it can be a challenge to ride. Ive seen a few TRY to rent n ride a double w/single tire with poor results Most ebikes have the kickstand mount welded in place
Last weekend I tore the kickstand plate off my Breezer Downtown with BBS01 because I tried using a double kickstand so to replace it I thought to try a chainstay kickstand. I tow a Chariot child trailer and have a Nexus 8 IGH requiring the hitch cup be mounted on a Thule IGH axle adapter extension nut. I was wondering if the Greenfield Stabilizer SKS2BC kickstand would work given it mounts close to the rear of the chainstay but am happy to report the Thule adapter pushes out the Chariot trailer hitch cup far enough that both fit and I can hook up the trailer without the stand getting in the way.


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