1. Cnugget

    Strava - Exercise GPS tracking app

    Any Strava E-Bike users out there?
  2. Denis Shelston

    App for E-bike ?

    Just musing here.... would be nice if there was a device that could directly connect to popular controllers on E-bikes to collect data from your trips: mileage, PA used when and for how long, time with PA on Zero and full pedal mode, with exact distance for that segment, full stats on battery...
  3. W

    Juiced Cross Current with Roadies Ride, Actually 2 Ironman Competitors

    This is from Jim Richardson's Latest Google Plus Blog Post: Juiced Cross Current with Roadies Ride. To date, I have been riding the Juiced CrossCurrent alone, and gauging performance against elite cyclists riding the same route but at a different time via Strava. I occasionally crossed paths...
  4. W

    Testing a stock Juiced Cross Current on a Strava Course

    For those who want to get an idea of how the Juiced Cross Current performs on a 23 mile documented Strava road course in southern New Jersey with hills that have grades of 23%, please check out Jim Richardson's Google Plus Blog Postings Here: