rear cargo rack

  1. V

    LF: Pannier rack for bike with rear hub motor

    Recent e-bike purchaser looking for your recs for a rear rack. My new bike is a road/gravel drop-bar style bike outfitted with 34mm 29ers, so the tires are not fat by any means, but with the motor hub, the braze-ons near the rear axle are about 220mm apart. I'm noticing that many racks online...
  2. Pobidz

    Eco rear rack for small Pace?

    I'm looking at aftermarket racks since the official ones haven't been in stock for a while. I'm looking for a rack with straight, flat sides to go with the collapsible baskets I plan to mount on the sides. The Planet Bike Eco rack is sold on the Aventon site, so I'd assume it fits over the disc...
  3. E

    Aventure Rear Rack Alternatives, and Security

    I just ordered a pair of Aventures for my wife and I. She got the small, and they are sold out of the rear racks for that size. I'm wondering if I can just order a third party rear rack? Is there a size spec I should keep in mind? Clearly they are sized for the bike frame, so I would want to...
  4. Biking on Bainbridge

    Fenders, Racks, Locks, oh my!

    What have you installed on your Propella bikes? Any fenders, cargo racks, lights, water bottle holders, locking systems, dog trailer, cat baskets, wings, skiis, disco ball..... I'm particularly interested in simple elements that blend in well with the original design. But I'm also curious about...
  5. John Fuller

    Moving LED module from seat to fender bracket - Specialized Turbo

    I recently ordered a Body Float seat post for my Specialized Turbo. The vendor said they couldn't drill a hole in the top of the post to facilitate routing of the LED seat light module wiring. That got me thinking that I might remove the LED module and mount it to the bracket on the back...
  6. H

    Rear Cargo Rack Battery vs. Down-tube Battery?

    Hi everyone, First time poster hear (but a long-time lurker haha). I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on my first e-bike, but wanted to ask a quick question first. I see a lot of the more affordable or older model e-bikes place their batteries on the rear cargo racks, but a lot of...