1. khuuhkrr

    BBS02B - my look at driver settings

    Hi! Greetings from beyond the Great Water! I don't speak your language fluently, so you have to guess what Google Translate means 😉 I have a Bafang BBS02B (48V, 750W) with a 48V battery (13s6p, 17.6Ah, charged 54.6V). My bike has 26 ”wheels, 2.5” tires, front sprocket 32t, rear is IGH...
  2. toadsprocket

    Bafang REAR HUB motor programming

    Hello, I recently got Biktrix juggernaut rear HUB drive ebike. It uses a 750 watt Bafang HUB drive motor. Can I get a cable to re program this? I was only able to find programming cables for Bafang mid drive motors. Thank you.
  3. Luap

    Lectric XP Programming and Function Complete Guide

    Hello friends I've looked around and found bits and pieces of info regarding all the program changes that can be made on the Lectric XP and Step Thru eBikes, but I wanted to gather as much as I could into one reference. Here's what I came up with. If you have further info, details, (verified)...
  4. SLONomad

    Mystery solved

    I have been tweaking/riding/tweaking the AM100 for several weeks now and was always mystified by its underwhelming performance on hills and its inability to attain the advertised 28 mph speed. Today I realized what might be the reason. Riding with the screen set to display the amp hours being...
  5. M

    Advanced display/controller programing

    Using China conversion kit Hollomotor LCD display. Anyone experienced with programing these? The 39 page PDF seems slim on details, and motor parameters are part of base setup, these details are not available for complete reset. I with to restore cruise function - twist throttle a pain in the...