product research

  1. pushkar

    Looking for active feedback, beta testers ... etc etc

    All, I have been engaged with some of you on a somewhat informal basis to get advice / feedback etc. However as we look at the next 6-12 months, we are working on a lot of exciting stuff including the new transition to Carbon (will post about that soon), some super exciting products (bikes and...
  2. M

    Component Manufacturing

    Hello everyone, I am part of a German team working on a study about urban mobility. After doing extensive research, we have been concentrating on electric bicycles. We are now analyzing the market of both traditional bicycles as well as pedelecs. At the moment we struggle to understand the...
  3. T

    Survey on Product Research Issues - Your Input Counts

    Hi All, I am doing researching on consumer product research in order to design a new e-commerce experience for consumers. Please Take 2 Minutes to Fill out my Survey. Please :)