1. H

    Trek PowerFly 4 2022

    Hi All, I’m pretty new to eMTBs and I just put a refundable deposit on a 2022 POWERFLY 4 US MED 29 LITHIUM GREY/TREK (Hardtail) and added the following accessories Rack Trek Powerfly Black Rear Mount 2020, Fender Trek Powerfly 29 2020 Black Front, Fender Trek Powerfly 29 2020 Black Rear, LIGHT...
  2. LordJura

    Powerfly 7 problem with speed on computer

    Hi, I bought Trek Powerfly 7 half a year ago. And now I have problem with speed on cycle computer. If I ride around 20 km/h, the speed on computer starts jumping around - 24, 18, 23 etc. But in real the speed is still the same 20km/h. Diagnostic looks OK. Does anyone had some issue? Thank...
  3. Alexis Hadjisoteriou

    Powerfly 5 FS - Any opinions

    Hi, I'm new here - been looking at Full suspension MTB and quite like the options from Haibike. Today my local Trek dealer called me to say they had a Powerfly FS 5 for a client if I wanted to have quick spin - loved it! Why is there so little on the internet/here on this bike from such a...