1. E

    Pinion Smartshift Review on Priority 600HXT

  2. Petropoliskhan

    New Stromer flagship ST7

    Hi, Check out the new Stromer flagship model: The ST7! Presented today at the Eurobike show in Germany (matte gold) later dark grey See introductory video below onYT New frame 940 Watts nominal. 52Nm of torque 1440 Wh battery 48V...
  3. Petropoliskhan

    Stromer ST3 Pinion/Gates

    Hi, More pictures of the new Stromer ST3 Pinion C1.9 , Gates carbon belt bike. Courtesy of Stinus on the forum. It is presented today to the public in Genk, Belgium and test ridden by the lucky attendees.
  4. Petropoliskhan

    New Stromer ST3 with Pinion C1.9 and Gates carbon belt

    Well here it is! The soon to be announced new Stromer ST3 with pinion C1.9 and gates carbon belt, with optional ABS, Wren suspension fork, and Kinekt suspension seatpost. About 9100$ without options. 820W 44 Nm Launch edition red, after that regular black & white This is going to be fun!
  5. M

    Tout Terrain Review

    Hi Court, I am Mousbah, I have just joined the forum and a I am a big fan of the site. I once hired an e-bike and fell in love. I was fasting and rode for 8 hours without breaking a sweat. I am living in Ireland and visited Cork lately and found that they use a lot of e-bikes as it is very...
  6. Ravi Kempaiah

    Internally Geared Hubs (IGH) systems - Rohloff vs Pinion

    This video discusses two of the most reliable IGH systems i.e Rohloff and Pinion. There are other systems that re specifically made for E-bike systems like Enviolo, Shimano Nexus Inter -5 but the author decided to speak about Rohloff and Pinion.