motor cutout

  1. RipcurrentDude93

    Ripcurrent Throttle and Pedal Assist cutting out at 51v

    I have this issue with my 2021 Juiced Ripcurrent where when I press the throttle it just sends a slight pulse to the rear hub. That or it’ll go a few feet and then start sending slight pulses (not enough to turn the wheel) to the rear wheel. I disconnected the brake sensors and the torque censor...
  2. H

    older e-City over current motor cutout (Error 33)

    Hi, Appreciate finding a smartmotion-specific forum to post. I wonder, having found the motor controller used in my Smartmotion ecity is made by Ananda, whether there is a forum for that range of controllers? My issue has been Error 33 presenting and the motor cutting out if I use the...