1. T

    Taking the speed limiter off a NCM Prague?

    Is taking the speed limiter off my NCM Prague worth it? 1.) How much speed can I gain? 2.) Will this effect motor life? 3.) Will this effect battery longevity? 4.) Will I get less range with battery, if so, how much? 5.) Can I buy another battery to increase the range? 6.) Anything else I...
  2. Trail Cruiser

    Comfortable handlebar options.

    Since many ebikes have aggressive riding position, I thought the owners may be interested about these options.
  3. Louky

    Comfort mods to the Rad Wagon

    Anybody ever put a spring seat post, or suspension fork on a Rad Wagon?
  4. G

    Radbike Riding Comfort. What's Worked for You?

    What riding position do you prefer? Which model Rad? Improvements you've made for a more comfortable ride. The accessories you've added. Suspension seatposts, different seats, stems, stem risers, padded gloves or...? Which brands and models worked for you?
  5. jkchang82

    Possible suspension mod?

    I just ordered the E-lux Sierra which is a folding fat tire bike. But unlike other of its kind, this model doesn’t come with suspensions in the front so I was just curious if there is any type of mod capable on these bike frames. I realize the fat tires alone may absorb some impact but I’d love...
  6. Barkme Wolf

    Speed Hacks (Modifying a Speed Governor)

    Speed Hack- Opinion
  7. Thom473

    Hot Rodded Rad

    Has anyone replaced their controller/battery to hot rod their Radbike?
  8. Nirmala

    My Long Journey to a Comfortable Butt

    It was a perfect storm of factors that made my butt burn: 1-I have no built in padding down there, and any prolonged sitting can be a challenge for me 2-The Magnum Ui5 has a fairly upright city bike riding posture which puts more weight on my sitz bones. 3-The electric motor of course means that...