1. H

    Como IGH belt cover.

    My belt cover broke on my 2022-23 Como 5.0 IGH. Not surprising really. Cheapest part on the bike. Hard to find a replacement. Is it a critical part? Do I need a replacement?
  2. Chuck_M

    Turbo Como 5.0 IGH - Cadence screen missing

    There is no cadence settings on my mission control or on the bike display. Anyone know what connections are the problem? Where exactly on the autoshifter? Update: The autoshifter was not 100% plugged in. Once fitted, tight THEN the Cadence menu becomes visible, like magic.
  3. PedalUma

    Bafang's 5-Speed Automatic IGH

    Bafang has a five-speed automatically shifting rear internally geared hub that looks interesting. It can be run with either a belt or an extra-strong single speed chain, so that a bike would not require a belt specific frame. See details here...
  4. D

    Vado 5.0 IGH versus Tero 5.0 (EQ pack)

    Hello all, ‘Hat in hand’ to re-introduce this age old discussion. A brief intro - I’m a new joiner to this group but have been reading the threads for a short while. I’m looking to a bike to solve my short commute (sometimes with a 3/4yr old) and address fitness needs (mid-forties, sedentary...
  5. Air2air

    Worst possible MTB drivetrain brutality

    What a great forum, and thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. I've read every drivetrain thread on the forum but still don't see a clear solution: Every 2 weeks: Replace 9-11sp. cassette and chain. - Tried every combination of riveted/joined cog assemblies, cheap heavy steel etc...
  6. loamoaf

    RIP to all fatbike owners who wanted a Kindernay

    I wanted to place an order now that their Onesie shifter is available, but of course they've discontinued their fat 190/197 XIV, and have no plans to develop a 190/197 fat version of the VII. I emailed them asking about the fat hubs and that was the response I got. Yet another heartbreak in my...
  7. antboy

    Considering adding an IGH to my Shimano E6100... upgrade or not?

    Looking for advice/experiences adding an IGH to my bike. The bike is an OHM Cruise with the Shimano E6100, and the drivetrain is a 10 speed Deore (11-36 tooth), with 42 tooth chainring. The display is the larger SC-E6100 so all kinds of cockpit info there, including gearing info. I don't NEED...
  8. C

    Evelo Quest Max now discontinued: need exact replacement

    Evelo apparently lost money and/or enviolo nuVinci product support for their mid-drive Quest Max. I cannot get EBR Advanced Search or Comparison tools to work on Any Of my devices. I know exactly, precisely what I want: a bicycle identical to the Evelo Quest Max painted in Sondors (school bus)...
  9. R

    Swapping to an IGH on the CCS?

    Hey all, After poking around a bit, the Juiced CCS (maybe the CCX if I can talk my wife into the price difference) seems like a really great fit for me. I have a mostly flat, 20 mile one way commute, and am a 6'1", 165 lb biker. Looking to switch from doing a partial commute on an urban...
  10. Jep

    ODK U500 - geared hub replacement - which hub works?

    The internally geared hub on one of our ODK U500's broke. The SRAM hub is discontinued and parts are unavailable so we are looking to replace the entire hub. Has anyone else done this before and can recommend a specific hub and shifter? I was looking at the Shimano Nexus/Alfine 8-speed (or 7...
  11. C

    First ebike for DIYer, advice on hill climbing, mid-drive or hub??

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any guidance the folks here can provide. I am looking to *build* an ebike specific to my needs for my work commute. The place I live in is almost completely flat (Sacramento area), around my home, around there I don't have much of a need for an ebike at all...
  12. GMS

    Marin Fairfax SC6 Alfine IGH Commuter Build

    Recently built up my second (sort of third) BBS02 commuter build on a 2014 Marin Fairfax SC6 with an Shimano Alfine 11 speed IGH. While I only have about 20-30 miles on the build so far, I absolutely love the IGH. The shifting is very smooth and precise, but does require cutting power in...