1. S

    Looking For a Nomadic Daily Driver

    Hello, everyone! Currently, I have an Aventon Aventure. It's a cheaper generalist bike ($2k) that taught me how I'm gonna use a bike and what I value in it. Now I think I'm ready for a bike that suits me much better than the Aventure. I'm going to get right into this, because it will probably...
  2. F

    Buying first electric bike for woman, hilly area... help please

    Hi everyone! 👋 I'm looking at buying my first electric bike and would really appreciate some advice. I have cycled for fun and for commuting in the past before. I have a Ridgeback velocity 2014 21" low frame which I love, my favourite bike ever. The riding position is great. The problem...
  3. F

    Help for Hybrid 26" 2011 Battery

    Hi everybody. I have lost the whole battery set (charger and case, battery pack included) and would like to buy a new one. I want a different one though, since the original model is old and heavy and way too expensive. I wouldn't mind more power/speed of course. Does anybody or do you know...
  4. JustLooking

    Advice on a Hybrid Dirt Road and Off Road Bike

    I live on a big property with a couple roads and several dirt trails. And I also want to ride on the mostly gravel/dirt roads in my area. I don't want a mountain bike, but maybe a little seat suspension? What hybrid bikes (flat bar) with wider tires would you suggest? Something along these...
  5. GeoffH

    SOLD....Cube Compact Hybrid 20 with Bosch Motor

    Due to health issues I’m selling my Cube Compact Hybrid 20. I have covered 107 miles and had its warranty service. I have added a front rack with an Ortleib bad attached by a Rixen Kaul quick release ( not shown in picture Cube Compact Hybrid The Compact Hybrid from Cube is a 20″ wheel...
  6. Aisakura7

    Torn between two bikes

    Hello friends! So I've been researching the past month or two and have really gotten active in my peruse of an E-bike, I'm 5'5" and around 230lb. I ultimately would love a bike that I can cruise along the many bike paths in our area, ride down to the ponds with the kids, or maybe even attempt...
  7. S

    Best 28mph Pedelec Urban Bike?

    I am in the market for an urban/hybrid style, flat bar e-bike. I live in Southern California and will be using it mostly to ride to my local downtown area (3.5 miles one way) and occasionally to work (10 miles one way). There is a slight incline one both routes for a portion of the ride but...
  8. P

    Recommendations need for first ebike

    I am going to purchase my first Ebike (Canada). I will use it to ride the bike paths (paved) around the city and also the groomed portion (usually hard packed gravel on old railroad beds or easy trails) of the Trans Canada Trail. I Would like flexibility to go longer distances - 80 plus km at...
  9. Derekj118

    Rear Hub Trek 7300 Build (hybrid Hybrid Bike)

    Hey All! I just got done ( well %90 complete) my new build. I was originally goin to take the advice of most people and use my existing Northrock XC6 Bike and replace it with new components, new motor, and a new battery. I ordered a new 26' Black Magic 5 Rear Hub (Magic Pie 5) from LunaCycle. As...
  10. Tara D.

    Torker Tristar Hybrid Electric Trike

    This bike isn't in production anymore but you might still find some floating around out there. 10-15 mph, would make for a nice little grocery getter :) . I like the parking break, my B.O.B stroller happens to have the same mechanism.