hub motor

  1. Davy2011

    Dual Wheel Ebike Build

    So I have these two 500w motors my local bike shop gave me which is nice. To top it off, one of them has a controller, regen brakes, pedal assist, and a throttle. It just needs a battery. The other motor doesn't have anything for it but I had a idea. I wanted to make it a dual wheel since...
  2. SCIFIcrab

    Anyone have experience with the Grin all axle or GMAC motors?

    I am wondering if anyone here has any experience using these motors and for what applications. Right now I am planning on using one(or both) in my next ebike build.
  3. toadsprocket

    Bafang REAR HUB motor programming

    Hello, I recently got Biktrix juggernaut rear HUB drive ebike. It uses a 750 watt Bafang HUB drive motor. Can I get a cable to re program this? I was only able to find programming cables for Bafang mid drive motors. Thank you.
  4. to7motor

    Ebike accessories for Disabilities (ALLOY RIMS FOR WHEELCHAIRS)

    Some people may need this ebike accessory. The product is awesome in term of quality and price Above is the picture of the product You will get the best ebike hub motor manufacturer in China at the best price
  5. F

    What is your idea about Xofo Motor ?

    I found an ebike but the motor is Xofo brand. I haven't heard much about it. Does anyone have experience with Xofo brand motors
  6. roshan

    Stunner LT - new and improved - better than ever

    Hi all, Check out our new Stunner LT. Comes equipped with hydraulic brakes, 750W rear hub motor, and battery up to 1kwh. What's unique is that it comes in 3 different size wheels - nothing like this in the market today. All for $1999 (intro price $1799). You can find it here...
  7. R

    Building hub motors

    Hi, I came to this forum to ask a group of people who are familiar with hub motors about my project to build hub motors for my brother’s power wheelchair. We’re building an all terrain power chair from the ground up. Most power chair companies use brushed DC motors because of their fine control...
  8. SV Moving On

    HUB vs MID DRIVE - how can I compare?

    I am researching the heck out of a bike I can use as an overland trail bike. We have a Winnebago Revel on the way and need to match it up with a bike that can get us around some cool trails. I've noticed some bikes have the option of a 350 w Mid Drive and a 500 w Hub Drive. Can someone help me...
  9. Eagle

    Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit stopped working

    Hi, After recently buying a used Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit, I set it up and got it working briefly, but now it's not working. I'm using new batteries (36V, 9AH, SLA). I've tested them with a multimeter and they are fine. (I've tested the wiring up to the controller, and it all...
  10. S

    Please Help! Daymak ebike brake or hub issue

    I desperately need experienced advice. I am the 3rd owner of what I believe is a 2008 Daymak Vienna however I believe it is a China made unit as all the writing on the controller and the batteries is Asian. I took out a small loan to buy an ebike as I do not drive and needed something a little...
  11. Pacolito

    Gearless & brushless Hub motor run but not the wheel :(

    Hello i bought a week ago a ebike kit ( MXUS 48v 1000w front hub brushless and gearless ) after going up a sidewalk the motor stop running, then jerks, and now it turn but not the wheel someone told me it was stripped gear in my motor but its gearless so what could it be???? Thank you Ps: it's...
  12. Jean.Petr

    lacing a motor hub, spokes and watch outs

    Hi All, newbie here! I'm sure this topic has been well discussed elsewhere on this forum so maybe someone can send me the thread, wheel lacing! I'm getting a MAC front motor (12T) and intend to get it laced into a 26" rim for my mountain bike. I won't try this myself (beyond my skill set!) and...
  13. J

    Daymak Vienna Hub motor siezed?

    hello everyone, i am new here. i have a 2014 daymak vienna and it has about 5000 km on it (lol). so when winter came i was driving it a little before the original 3 year old batteries finally gave up. so i stored it in my room for a couple months. now fast forward a few months and now i picked...
  14. Derekj118

    New Bike Build Questions & Opinions (Hub Motor)

    Hey guys, this is my first post . I am starting a new build with a new 26' Black Magic Vector ( Magic Pie 5 ) kit from Luna paired with a 52v 13.5ah Shark Pack with Panasonic GA cells mounted on the frame. I will eventually be purchasing a 52v Mighty Mini Cube Pack with Panasonic PF cells (...
  15. KamyFC

    Hub motor based e-bikes and Gear cassettes

    Hi guys, I had a question regarding e-bikes and Gears. And this is related to Hub motor based e-bikes and not Mid Drive systems. Usually in a normal cycle - we have a 7 speed or a 9 speed cassette at the back and a 3 speed cassette at the front. So that makes it a 7 * 3 = 21 speed gear system...