1. britannic

    ST7 Gates Carbon Drive CDX Belt Part # Needed

    Only the top half of my ST7 Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt part number is available and what there is already worn after a couple hundred miles. I counted the teeth and came up with 113. Does anyone know if this is correct part number? 11M-113T-12CTS BLACK (other colors are: BLUE or BLACK W/R)...
  2. Petropoliskhan

    Stromer ST3 Pinion/Gates

    Hi, More pictures of the new Stromer ST3 Pinion C1.9 , Gates carbon belt bike. Courtesy of Stinus on the forum. It is presented today to the public in Genk, Belgium and test ridden by the lucky attendees.
  3. Petropoliskhan

    New Stromer ST3 with Pinion C1.9 and Gates carbon belt

    Well here it is! The soon to be announced new Stromer ST3 with pinion C1.9 and gates carbon belt, with optional ABS, Wren suspension fork, and Kinekt suspension seatpost. About 9100$ without options. 820W 44 Nm Launch edition red, after that regular black & white This is going to be fun!
  4. scrambler

    Has anyone heard of, seen or bought the Steinerdesign Ultra E Fully bike?

    I came across a bike called Steiner Ultra E bike online on two different sites below Apparently both...
  5. D

    Gates Carbon Drive : User Experiences

    Today my R&M Homage's Gates Carbon Drive failed without warning – none that I was aware of, anyway. As far as I could tell, one moment the belt was perfect, the next utterly useless. Many of the 'teeth' were missing and the blue nylon 'facing cloth' was shredded. The belt had come off both...
  6. Chris Nolte

    A Deeper Look at Gates Carbon Belt Drives at Eurobike

    Jonathan Weinart and Zach Krapfl spent some time with us to take a deeper look at how the Gates belts work and we discussed some of the finer details, like how long will they last and what they're actually made of. For many, the belts have been a bit of mystery and I hope this video helps to...
  7. J.R.

    Gates to debut new ebike components at 2018 Eurobike