front rack

  1. S

    Topeak TETRARACK M1 for 2021 Specialized Turbo vado 4.0 step through.

    I am trying to find a front rack for my Vado ebike. I tried the Thule Pack and Pedal which didn't fit well with the fork. I tried the Topeak TETRARACK R1 which wasn't wide enough and didn't fit well with front light above fender. Has anyone tried the Topeak TETRARACK M1 (made for front...
  2. tolivercrash

    Has anyone added a front rack to an Aventon Level?

    I have owned and ridden the hell out of a RadMini from RadPowerBikes for two years and over 3,300 miles. However I’m looking at a more standard sized bike such as the Aventon Level to replace the Rad. One useful thing the RadMini has is a front rack from the manufacturer. I don’t see anything...
  3. beam

    Good bag for pizza rack on Specialized Como 5.0?

    Hi there! I recently got a Como 5.0 and it came with a pizza rack. I'm looking for a bag or basket specifically for the top of the rack. Specialized sells a bag but it's out of stock. Does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally I'd like to commute with it, possibly pick up a couple things from...
  4. RickBlauw

    dolphin headlight mount to front basket

    I couldn't find a good way to mount the headlight to the dolphin with the front basket. Finally had a few minutes to design and 3D print a simple mount to fit over the front. Rev0 below in white. Clips over the rack rail and uses some double sided foam tape. Will print one in black to...