1. J

    Charging issues with Fazua 250 battery

    Hello, I have a Trek with the Fazua motor and battery. After a year of good use, my battery does not seem to hold a charge for more than about 10 miles on a green assist level. The charger will show a full charge, when I put it on the bike it will only show about three lights on the charge...
  2. A

    Ebikemotion vs Fazua which is better?

    As the owner of an Ebikemotion bike and looking to replace it in the near future for another road Ebike, I would like to know the pros and cons of each before deciding which would be better. What are your pros and cons for either system?
  3. Chris Nolte

    Fazua motor updates from Eurobike | Entering the US in 2020

    We caught up with Fazua real quick at the end of the show and we had some fun taking through how the system works. It's a really cool system for lightweight applications. We're excited that they will also be launching in the US for 2020.