1. rudym

    Super Delight Charging Port Cover - for dummies

    Riese & Muller, My New Super Delight charging port cover has a magnetic feature to hold it closed. Magnet in flip up top / tip of cover is designed to latch “magnetically” against the screw that holds the port cover to the frame. Problem = the screw that Riese Muller uses to attach the...
  2. Paul Cavasino

    Plastic Battery Casing Failures...

    My City commuter & Her step thru Interceptor have had the Plastic Battery sleeves crack @ Various points along the Mid-seam & the Screw nodules in the casing actually breaking apart. The problem was initially noticed while riding along & Hearing a "Slapping" Noise coming from the back Of the...
  3. Barkme Wolf

    Bad Biker video- No sound

    I have a bit of an issue with some of the more enthusiastic bicyclers out there. I quite driving cars because of these types of people.