ebike review

  1. loosebrian

    Title: My Experience with the Ori Electric Dirt Bike

    Hello fellow electric bike enthusiasts, discord.gg/yCQbNhmWd2 I recently had the pleasure of purchasing and riding the Ori electric dirt bike, and I wanted to share my experiences with this innovative off-road machine. I won't sugarcoat it; I'll provide you with an honest and objective review...
  2. E

    Priority Current Shimano 5 speed - First impressions

    So I finally bought the current from costco. I was expecting the enviolo, but it turns out Costco version is Shimano. That's what you get from not paying attention :D Anyways, its 800$ less than what the Enviolo costs, and is indeed a very good bike. I have done about 20 miles on it now...
  3. MrNoFluFF.com

    TREK DOMANE + HP: Warning Do Not Buy a Trek ebike Domane+ HP/LT Without Watching This Video First!

    UPDATE: 17 DAY OWNERSHIP OWNER’S REVIEW OF MY NEW 2021 TREK DOMANE + HP If you are potential buyer please understand I don't have a dog in the race nor am I bad mouthing the nice people in Trek. I am just sharing with you the problems I have had with 2021 New Trek Domane HP in the 30 days of...