1. R

    New Lectric folding e-Trike for sale in SW Colorado. Only ridden 9 miles!

    Hello! This bike is perfect for adults with mobility or coordination challenges. I purchased it in September 2023 for my mother to try. She has been wanting to join the bike rides I take with my 8 year old daughter. However, she hasn't ridden a bike in decades and after just a handful of...
  2. S

    E-bike for disabled adult

    I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder. It’s degenerative, so I have to take into account potential future loss of function for all purchases. It mostly affected my legs in past decades, but has hit my hands recently, such that my thumbs frequently dislocate. I...
  3. zeldaharvestmoon

    Buying Opinion Wanted: Voltbike Trio

    I am a 5"5' Canadian looking to purchase an E-Trike , as I have low vision and troubles with balancing a standard bike and am looking for buying advice and opinions. Ideally I am looking for something that will allow me to independently travel, run errands like shopping, and get exercise. As...
  4. J


    Hello. I've just ordered a Catrike Villager and wonder if there are other Catrike owners out there.
  5. S

    3 wheel electric cargo bike

    Hi quy´s I´ve been reading the forum for a long time while building my own bikes. Finally made a effort tu sign in and upload a video about my current e-trike project. Sorry for my english and poor camera work. :D Planning to make more vid´s about the bike and also about the black beast that...