1. J.R.

    Bicycle dog leash???

    I've been riding the back field with my dogs for years. My 2-year-old Border Collie needs more. I've trained her well since she was 8 weeks, she is controllable. Border Collies can run 30 mph for fairly long distances, and nothing makes mine happier than to run with me on the bike. I will keep...
  2. SoCalSurf

    Juiced Front Basket

    Hi, new to the forum, so please be gentle. I've got a Hyper Scorpion and I'd really like to hang a basket off the handlebars so I can take my dog for rides. Has anyone had any luck finding a basket that would work on the front? I realize it's a difficult situation with the headlight, and yes, I...
  3. Svaldes

    Its really her bike

    Im just her driver. She rides a JUICEDBIKE Ripcurrent.