1. B

    Are all Bosch mid-drive systems Class 1 only and... is that good or bad?

    Hi, I've previously posted about our Cube Town Sport on the Cube board, but I think I should post something here that is actually more about Bosch? It's a point of interest, I think, for EVERYONE considering a Bosch mid-drive system, which is, even if you change out to the very latest head unit...
  2. S

    Crutch transport on a bike

    I’m the proud (and Disabled) owner of a new Rad Wagon 4. Normally, I get around via a folding wheelchair, which can be strapped to the back, but it looks like there are some crutches being developed that I can use, and I’m wondering how to carry two long objects. OTOH, I’ve seen videos of...
  3. S

    E-bike for disabled adult

    I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder. It’s degenerative, so I have to take into account potential future loss of function for all purchases. It mostly affected my legs in past decades, but has hit my hands recently, such that my thumbs frequently dislocate. I...
  4. J

    Alternative Shifters

    I have a physical impairment with my right hand where I have issues with dexterity and weak fingers. I am interested in purchasing the Juiced RipCurrent S or a Surface 604 Shred. I am concerned about being able to shift gears. They are both 9 speeds and the RipCurrent S has the Shimano Altus...
  5. E

    Ebikemike here from Mount Dora Florida

    Due to a terrible auto accident I no longer own or drive a car. In January 2019 I bought a sailboat to live on in Islamorda in the florida Keys. I researched and purchased a DYU D1. This is a very small ebike/escooter that i could fold into a kayak and transport to and from my boat, as well as...
  6. ebikemom

    Welcome to Disability and Ebiking

    A wonderful thing about ebiking is how it augments a person's ability to ride a bike, making MORE possible than what was possible before. This enables ebiking to have a positive impact on the lives of people whose mobility has been limited by physical problems, autism, developmental disability...
  7. irenewg13

    Retro fit ebikes - parts for cognitive and physical disabilities.

    Anyone know of any sources, ebike specific? Thanks Irene